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Our Key Client Initiatives Consultancy to Banking, Property and Retail Executives—assist in making key strategic and tactical project decisions and in implementing them in North America, Asia and Europe. Consultancy for Asian and Western Property Investors—provide investment support for Individuals and Companies seeking high quality property investments in Asia, North America and Europe. Consultancy and Seminars for the Internationalization of Companies—assist businesses to optimize their profitability and improve their competitiveness through applying best global business practices.
We design and conduct sophisticated consumer research in order to learn the needs and wants of the market the owner wishes to address by: Identifying the catchment area for the project containing all of its likely customers Gathering statistical data for quantitative analysis Conducting focus groups and interviews to learn their specific preferences Evaluating their earning and buying power Correlating the average customer profile with the owner’s vision to ensure it will be supported
We assist the developer by preparing a fully functional, integrated plan that will support the owner’s Vision by: Conducting a preliminary planning workshop with the owner’s project executives to exchange ideas and settle a direction. Supervising the preparation of concept drawings for owner’s review and approval Analyzing the drawings for functionality and constructability Reviewing the final detailed plans with owners for approval
Consumer Research
Master Planning
We analyze and provide a forecast return on investment for the project by: Forecasting the income from the optimal merchandize and entertainment mix Confirming the forecast development costs Combining them to produce a range of possible Net Operating Incomes and Returns on Investment for the owner’s review and selection. Agreeing a target NOI and ROI and producing a Business Plan to guide the development team in achieving them.
We analyze the consumer research and use our conclusions to create a strategy for the owners by: Correlating the buying power and preferences of the surveyed customers to create a profile identifying the key groups within the catchment area and their relative importance Analyzing the full spectrum of available lessees or licensees in the market and sorting out those best suited Preparing an optimal merchandise mix and leasing plan of the best prospective tenants or an optimal elements plan for licensess
Commercial Analysis
Working with the architect, at the earliest stage of design, we optimize the project for the most customer friendly and cost efficient operation by:   Reviewing the design of the stores, public spaces and back of house to ensure they meet the requirements of their users Preparing a suitable organization chart with detailed job descriptions to ensure all necessary functions are delivered Overseeing the recruitment of the Operational Team and design and oversee its subsequent training. Preparing the operating manuals for the project
Based on the consumer research, we create a strategy and action plan to cover the period from six months prior to the Soft Opening to six months following the Grand Opening by: Referencing the consumer data and merchandise mix to target the key groups and their preferred shopping and entertainment experience and communications channels and then to create a brand that appeals to them Preparing a sophisticated, targeted multi-channel program including traditional and social media to introduce the project and build anticipation for its Soft and Grand Openings Administering the action plan in order to produce the optimal retail trade by producing the best first impression and customer experience
Integrated Operational Strategy
Branding & Marketing Strategy
We introduce best International business practices and blend them with best Asian wisdom for Domestic companies wishing to internationalize and for Western companies wishing to adapt to the business climate in Asia by: Learning the goals of its leaders Analyzing their target markets and business procedures Proposing an action plan Providing informative seminars to offer new approaches and methods in order to increase their competitiveness. Providing individual coaching for key executives to assist their leadership progress
We assist senior executives and investors to find, analyze and to negotiate for projects for acquisition or development by: Sourcing high quality commercial property investment opportunities in key markets in Asia, Europe and North America  Analyzing the prospective projects Providing a senior member on the negotiating team to provide acquisition advice Providing workout advice for existing owners or financial institutions in control of distressed properties Providing visa assistance to investors wishing to emigrate to Asia, Europe or North America
International Strategy & Training
Investment Strategy
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