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Doug Edgelow, BA, MBA CEO, USA, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Doug Edgelow is a successful residential and mixed use developer who has built an impressive reputation in the Southwestern USA over his thirty year career. A community and industry leader, he is highly regarded for his contributions to the  quality of the lifestyle of the region’s citizens. He is very active in the Urban Land Institute and very knowledgeable about property developments of all kinds in North America   Career Synopsis Douglas J. Edgelow started a landscaping and garden center business to finance his way through University in Calgary and Saskatoon, Canada. Ten years later the combined companies were employing over 300 and had locations in 25 centers across Canada. Phoenix, Arizona: Doug relocated to Phoenix Arizona and formed Equus Corporation, through which Doug has developed thousands of condominiums, including a 17 story high-rise condo project which won a prestigious “Pillar Award” for the best adaptive re-use project in the USA from the National Homebuilders Association. He also won a “Red” award for the development of his Hilton Garden Inn in Phoenix. Doug has developed commercial and residential projects in the metropolitan Phoenix area as well as Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (www.equuscorp.com) . He has traveled extensively throughout the world and through his experiences was inspired to form a current project, an urban farming concept (www.citycenterfarms.com), furthering his intense interest in healthy living. Doug continues to develop real estate and seek out exceptional investment opportunities not only in the southwest USA but also internationally.            +1 602 570 5403     Office:  602 840 0559    Mobile: 602 570 5403 douge@blackopalpa.com