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Raman Khanna – CV Raman   Khanna   started   his   career   as   culinary   apprentice   with   Oberoi   hotels   in   1983.   In   1986   Raman   attended   Culinary   Institute of   America,   where   he   received   his   Associate   Degree   in   Culinary   Arts   with   honors   in   1988,   followed   by   a   long   and   successful career   with   Hilton   International   in   New York, Toronto,   Washington   DC   and Abu   Dhabi   where   he   achieved   his   first   Executive   Chef position   in   1997.   He   was   at   the   Hilton   Abu   Dhabi   till   2004,   a   long   and   fruitful   relationship   during   which   time   he   designed   some very   successful   restaurant   concepts,   organized   numerous   Royal   functions,   and   led   his   team   to   2   consecutive   titles   of   ‘Best Culinary   Team’   at   Dubai   Salon   Culinaire   in   1999   and   2001.   In   2004   Raman   was   asked   to   join   the   opening   team   of   the   Emirates Palace, an iconic hotel built at a cost of 2 billion dollars.  In   2005 ALDAR   Properties   PJSC,   owned   by   the   Crown   Prince   of Abu   Dhabi,   approached   Raman   with   a   new   challenge.   He   was appointed   as   Director   of   Business   Development   and   Commercial   for   ALDAR   Hotels   &   Hospitality.   He   was   instrumental   in   the development   of   7   hotels   and   22   restaurants   on   Yas   Island   and   was   key   in   the   opening   of   all   2,400   rooms   just   before   the   first Formula   1   race   in Abu   Dhabi.   During   this   time   Raman   shaped   the   strategy   for   the   hospitality   offerings   for   all   mixed-use   projects being developed by Aldar Properties. Having   accomplished   the   goal   of   opening   these   hotels,   Raman   joined Abu   Dhabi   National   Hotels   in   September   2011,   where   he set   up   their   Restaurant   Division.   He   negotiated   contracts   with   a   large   group   of   international   restaurant   brands   and   executed   the planning   and   development   of   the   “Venation   Village”,   a   waterfront   food   &   beverage   destination   at   the   Ritz   Carlton, Abu   Dhabi.      In 2016   Raman   became   the   COO   of   Yosh   Hospitality,   which   was   set   up   to   manage   the   hospitality   operations   of   the   new Presidential   Palace.   Recently   Raman   Khanna   re-joined   his   family   in   Chicago   in   2020   to   become      part   of   the   Black   Opal   team   to share his passion and knowledge of the Hospitality and Food & Beverage development and operations across North America. Raman@BlackOpalPA.com
Consultant,    Food    &    Beverage and Hospitality