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Waldo R Dueck, BA, LLB Managing Director Legal & General Counsel. Hong Kong, China Managing Director, Legal and General Counsel Waldo Dueck is an experienced international lawyer, admitted to practice in the Province of Alberta, Canada, the Law Society of Hong Kong and is on the role of Solicitors in England. He has extensive corporate litigation experience and has extensive exposure to the Mainland China business environment gained over his sixteen years of residency during which he has become proficient in Mandarin. He has provided executive level legal counsel for major foreign and domestic corporations such as CitiCorp, JamJoom, and Cube Energy Solutions as well as to governments such as Canada and Portugal.  He will support our team from our Hong Kong and Shenzhen offices as our General Counsel and will focus on our domestic and foreign investments advisory and our educational initiatives.   Career Synopsis 1975 to 1993 Practiced law in Edmonton, Alberta representing individual and corporate clients’ interests including at all levels of court in Alberta. Reviewed numerous corporate proposed acquisitions and consulted corporations on various corporate investments and mergers.   1996 to 2001: Partner in one of Canada’s largest immigration consulting companies processing applications while leading the creation of a comprehensive e-commerce business service platform in China. Liaised with Canadian educational institutions to pursue joint ventures with counterpart Chinese educational institutions. Oversaw, in Hong Kong and China, the setting up of 25 offices, and office personnel of over 200 to service over 2,000 immigration applications to Canada   2002 to 2006: Created due diligence procedures for Chinese companies in establishing expansion plans to other countries. Created and administered financial training programs to Citibank (CitiCorp) employees in China to better service their Hong Kong customers.   2006 to Present: Director for Essential Research Company Limited providing legal advice on client business investments and programs, involving Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. Provided legal and due diligence advice to many large businesses as part of their business qualification as Venture Capital Fund providers including Jamjoom Group of Saudi Arabia, and Cube Energy Solutions Pte Limited of Singapore. Helped establish, structure and qualify PEI Equity Alliance Co. Ltd. to be one of the exclusive approved financial intermediaries in the Prince Edward Island. Provided advice to the Portuguese government in setting up a business immigration investment programme.